TOURDEFORCE | Leaving Colours

by TourdeForce

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"Leaving Colours" was released on digital format (mp3) by My Owl Music Label in december 2011. This recording contains various remixes and manipulations of songs that appear in their proper form on TourdeForce album "Colours in Life" (2010); it also features unreleased tracks, a cover, a demo and a lot of guest vocals.


released December 21, 2011

Produced by My Owl Music
Artwork by [NON]



all rights reserved


My Owl Music Bergamo, Italy

My Owl Music is a risky independent label founded in 2011, focused on alternative sounds.
Our products are compact discs, amazing pins, merchandise.

We're on a mission from God.

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Porta Vittoria
(global avant-garde)
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Track Name: Masterplan (Foretaste remix)
Waiting for the rain
a silver lid on the sky
I fear Your masterplan
Bring the change on me

From childhood and upwards
Disallow my efforts
But my Earthling love is here
With me

You must never die
See the fading world
Live in my eyes.
On a night like this
Time will take you away
I’ll loose my mind

Waiting for a sign
We don’t have an open mind
Symphathize with us
If we’re not dreaming our lifes

I worry myself to death
My dear come to me
This is what I’d need to say
to you
Track Name: I Am the Phoenix (Syrian remix)
Help! The world is collapsing
I emerge from the ashes
The cradle on my oak
Time has come to make a challenge
A queen without a crown travels on the desert
I will shine, fly again
I only need to feel fine and keep your days
I'm your Phoenix
With the sun and the rainfall

I come to give delight for five hundred years
Until my golden wings are burnt in the sky
I come to cherish you with my breath of life
And share my knowledge in the CIty of the Sun
Human nature is war
As long as I remember hatred is contagious
But you, one in a million
You looked at me in the eye, you're the chosen one

Don't want to leave our memories
This time I finally found my king
And maybe I'm the last of my kind
I'm sorry Osiris, I won't come back...
Track Name: What I Love
Bakunin and Malevic are what I love
Bakunin and Malevic are what I love
I don't care if nobody knows them
Bakunin and Malevic are what I love
Bukowski and Ballard are what I love
Bukowski and Ballard are what I love
I don't care if you find them obscene
Bukowski and Ballard are what I love
West Ham and Hammers are what I love
West Ham and Hammers are what I love
I don't care if they don't wanna run
West Ham and Hammers are what I love
Truffaut and Cronenberg are what I love
Truffaut and Cronenberg are what I love
How do you feel when you're watching their movies?
Truffaut and Cronenberg are what I love
Antonioni is what I love
Antonioni is what I love
I've watched Blow Up and I fell in a trance
Antonioni is what I love
Dodge and Saab are what I love
Dodge and Saab are what I love
Driving fast without any fear
Dodge and Saab are what I love

DSA Musik is what I love (x4)

Mikail Bakunin, Kazimir Malevic, Charles Bukowski, James Ballard, West Ham, Francois Truffaut, David Cronenberg, Michelangelo Antonioni, Die Syntethische Abstraktion
Track Name: Modern Affair (Luca Urbani remix)
What I think,
It’s a waste of time,
We play tag in any wise
And I wish
you would be more polite,
It’s going to weaken (all) my efforts

And I tried, and I tried to hurt you
To make you change your mind
And I try, and I try to confide in you
Not to feel undecided

We’re not searching for the light
Inside your body I corrupt
Share this turbid love with me

You recall my dark side
And what’s arcane inside our minds’s just a modern affair to you

Take a look
Some couples really manage
Shining lights into their eyes
But you feel
A sense of urgency
You’re afraid we could last
Track Name: What You Wanna Do With Your Life (Dekad remix)
Hey You
Tell me what do you care about charity work
Hey You
Tell me what you think about saving your soul
Everybody's gonna waste their time,
Everbody's gonna to the disco tonight
And you, tell me what you wanna do

I want to feel like a devil inside your body, a-ha
My every move will make you look like an angel, ooooh

No one seems to have opinion, anymore
And you
what about your troubles, to get up in the morning
Anyway you're gonna need cocaine
At this point could also drink then drive
Once in live holy pilgrimage,
not to Rome but to Amsterdam

What you wanna do
What you wanna do
With your life?

What I wanna do
In my life...
It's my life...
I decided.
Track Name: Stagioni (Porta Vittoria remix)
Giorno e notte qui
Diluvia, triste la città
Guardo fuori ma
Le luci incerte illudono
Mi chiedi cosa cerco
Mi volto e vedo te
Dici che mi vuoi
Così mi fai sentire tuo

Senti la pioggia
Sopra di noi
Soli quaggiù e il tempo non si ferma più
Scegli un momento
Insieme a me
Tutto finisce ma noi siamo ancora qui

E’ finito il film
Ancora qualche lacrima
Non nasconderti
Io ti accarezzo il viso
Sorridi e guardi su
Conosco quell’espressione
Togli quella mano
Perchè ora non è il momento

Ferma le stagioni
Inverti i corsi d’acqua
Frena gli orologi
Imponi il segno del comando
Togli i tuoi vestiti e poi lasciati toccare
Arde un caldo fuoco in noi, non si spegnerà
Track Name: WNU (Blue Velvet remix)
You’re not Underground, too
It’s only that you make the scene

Hey (hey)
What makes you think that Jesus and gore
Are cool putting them together

We’re not Underground
What’s the Underground?
You mention that word,
The Scum within the sound
You’re not a Trailblazer
The leader or a legion
Apocalyptic mob
Mentally melted down

believe in the Underground but
It’s a filth, how to make the hit

Hey (hey)
Perversion is your sista on tha net
Yo surfin’ throught those damaged brains

We’re not Underground
What’s the Underground?
You mention that word,
The Scum within the sound
We don’t make Underground
Who knows the Underground?
What’s wrong with Subculture?
The occult fascination

...the occult foolishness

We’re not in challenge for “the Twit of the Year”
Prize-giving tonight

I cut my hair like a scalp and
Now I can’t get a job

Hey (hey)
Long haired freaks do not apply but
They enjoy poncho and credit cards

We’re not Underground
What’s the Underground?
You mention that word,
The Scum within the sound
This is Underground
An Anthem for the wimps
Stalking behind the screen To be
king for a night

...schmuck for a lifetime

We’re not in challenge for “the Twit of the Year”
Prize-giving tonight (x3)
Track Name: Dancing Days (C.Parodi mix by TourdeForce)
She’s a mature woman now
And works on TV News
They say she’s not my business
Elevator, second floor
Detonating all my blood
Here she comes with perfume of Gold

“Things to do”
She looks at me
No, I’m too young
But she takes me down
She smiles and greets
I’m hanging on her lips
I read her eyes
And I read “sex”

I want to meet you in Dancing Days
But We can’t live in the past
Please say that I’m your only one
And love me beyond recall

The chaffeur is coming out
She’s divine in white dress
Oh, she’s going to call me tonight
I want to stay on leather seats
While she’s dripping with sweat
I’m going to lick her drops of pleasure
Track Name: Love Hideout (Alessio Sogno remix)
And I hear your Voice
I feel your gentle sound
And I don’t care about the meaning
Your body speaks in love hideout

When it’s foggy outside
He harmonize our words
And so we modulate our feelings
A shape of heed within impulsiveness

Sometimes we do shine
But it’s harder than you think
Neither as young offenders
Nor as coming back

How to convey now
To get along is hard
And if the medium is the message
My thoughts are lost, they die with me
Track Name: Psychoanalysis For The Masses (People Theatre's Positive Mix)
It's a wonderful life
If you have faith in something
Are you going to integrate or
Are you just a fundamentalist?
What do you think of history, is it in what you do, too?
Civilizations buried under our feet
We won't land other prizes.

Some claim "no frontiers"
it's like to say lack of control
One face, one race
What do you expect when you don't have respect
We hold the key

And everything is gonna be alright, like Bob
Like Bob would say
But if you think we can live all together in peace
You're out of your head

If you look into people eyes
You'll se discomfort, hate and fear
Could be a wonderful day
If we felt ok with ourselves
Psychoanalysis for the masses
In developed countries
Centuries of war and pain
And subliminal orders
On our tv
Track Name: Marry Me (demo)
You look so fine with that dress,
Now You're watching me
Deeper, inside
I know what you mean
When you move that way
I want to feel you

What does mean
To love someone?
I can really understand
For all you say and you give to me
Oh, marry me

I am alive, you people are dead
Out of here
Dear, feel the joy
You read my mind
We're in tune
I want to feel you

So here are our lives
And what they say
You've got to toil everyday
We're so busy all the time
We have got to take a break
At least our first night
To remember...