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TourdeForce selected songs (2005 - 2009)
released on 18th Dec, 2009 by extinct net label Inv3rno


released December 18, 2009

Music written by Eric Raven and Christian Ryder
Except 03 written by Daniele Murgia and Christian Ryder
Lyrics by Christian Ryder except 10 by Eric Raven and Christian Ryder
Electronics – Christian Ryder
Vocals – Eric Raven (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 7, 9, 10), Christian Ryder (tracks: 5, 8)
Guitars – Max Raiden (tracks: 10)
Vocals recorded By – Francesco Novelli (tracks: 3),
Lucky Chiva (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 10)

Electronics assembled by Christian Ryder at the Poison Room Studio.
Tracks 4, 6, 8, 9 assembled at the Ghost Room Studio.
Computers: Milla (version 2.0) And Isabelle. Noni_pc for 3.
Further equipment: Emmanuelle.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Frantic

We wake up naked and nervous
On flowers made of velvet, blue
Your voices inside your head say
You have no ideas left, only obsessions

It's frantic, I don't trust
The love in you and me
It's all turning to poison
The fareweel has come for real

With your silence you talk to me
Of sweet anachronistic dreams
With a tragic sentiment
Fragments of western decay

You see your body like a troubled machine, behold
you press on stronger but You don't feel the pleasure
Can't leave your memories behind right now
You have no strenght to start again

Emmanuelle was dancing
"I've seen that face before"
I guess I would change my mind
For a taste of her dirty vice
Track Name: La Femme Fatale (version)
I was standing
She knew that every was pointing at her
Really stuck in dismay
Like a queen
Proud of herself she comes along
She cannot be real
She’s an angel
I’m searching for the wings she left somewhere,
She cut them away
Shining goddess
You’re tracing gleam of light
With your body in the dark
I worship you

I was moving following her body through the light
She was dancing like a charm she made me dream and wonder
And I couldn’t believe she was right there (Catherine Deneuve)
You fall in love, you hurt yourself, you cannot find the cure

Passa da Samantha ma non compra scarpe
Lancia solo le occhiate di sfida e superbia
Non vuole un fiore, non basta il pensiero
Forse un regalo, magari un gioiello
Gli occhi di tutti puntati su di lei fanno corto circuito
Anche in Johnny 5
Come Sean Young, labbra rosse, sigaretta
Replica decisa nella nube di fumo

I can’t escape from this spell;
Everything was turning red
The colour of her passion denied
Track Name: Ocean C.
The ships have no destination
Children with lamps to guide them
Little ghosts calling from the reef
‘cause nothing is true in the dark

I thought to walk today
Forgotten by the Northern sky
I rush on the line of your eyes
Lost in a shapeless ocean

Endless day without you, dear
Pouring torments over me
You won’t dream of me tonight
I try to sweat black is white
Now I’m staring at the sea
Looking for your liquid spells
Whisper “Ruined in a day”
The loneliest shadows embrace me

The beating clocks are broken
The witches’ rain has gone
The purest feeling stuck in here
Turned to a worthless affection
Track Name: Countercurrent
I’m gonna make a wild guess
You’ll leave much to be desired
I adore your black make-up
Like to think it’s a mask of dirt
You think you cause wonder when you act mysteriously

You are like the others
And you have just a high
Opinion of yourself
Pretending to be sick

Power-hungry girl
Who’s going to sell the world
You make the greater bid
Just to lose it all

Do you understand the youth of today
Getting through to their minds gone bad
They regress and they fool around
When they preach - they’re progressive
They say who’s not Antichristian is absolutely countercurrent
(They say who’s not AntiAmerican is absolutely countercurrent)
Track Name: Sogno e Incidente (version 3.0)
La fase del sonno
Si fa più profonda
Il corpo è assente, fuso al motore
Lei mi ha sorriso e dopo un istante
Seduto al volante, tra le lamiere

Non c’è più niente
Sogno e incidente
Non c’è più

La mente è in viaggio verso la fine
Elettrici impulsi sull’autostrada
E rapidamente il mio volto
Nei tuoi occhi si imprime per sempre

Forse la prossima volta,
sempre nella stessa auto
Il ricordo si fa opprimente
nella fredda stanza da letto

Un cielo di ghiaccio scivola via
L’asfalto rivela un possibile altrove
Investo la luce e accelero ancora
Ma le strade perdute sono senza un’uscita

Il sogno è incidente
Il giorno del nostro incontro
Nel mio sogno ricorrente
È il giorno della tua partenza
Track Name: Europe 2050
Welcome Back
Europe 2050
come Back
come Back
Europe 2050
Track Name: The Perfect Moment
We spend our lifes in front of screens
We forget the world outside
Let’s go out, with just a drink
Our head begins to turn

Sorry if I insist
But that’s the way you do
When you fall in love
You need someone in your heart

Catch this perfect moment
‘cuz we meet once in a month
I would never try to waste our time
‘cuz I have some faith

I could bring you to the disco
But you say you cannot dance
So let’s go to the exhibition
But I don’t like that kind of art

Suddenly you kiss me
Oh, I spoke too much…
We work overtime
But I don’t care, I’m in your arms…
Track Name: Carmilla (2009 edit)
Mi spaventi
ma mi attrai
Bianca e languida
nella tua veste

Il tuo ritratto
senza tempo
mi sorride
e mi invita

Questa mia vita
Si disgrega
Il tuo bacio
La consuma

Nelle tue braccia
è il mio rifugio
ma anche la mia

Your blood inside my endless mind
Your beauty shines, their god will cry
Are you mine
Forever mine
Take me with you oh my love…

Pallida aura
Come sospesa
Fendi l’aria
Ti muovi appena

Ti nascondi
In crisi convulse
Mi sconvolge
Il tuo tormento

Voglio vedere
Con i tuoi occhi
Il tuo dolore

Il tempo si ferma
Nella tua stanza
Al tramonto del sole